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Our light meals menu:

We prepared a selection of light meals that you can have on the days that we don't serve dinners (Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays). The meals are prepared using seasonal, local and, as much as possible, our own products from the organic garden.

Schedule: 5-7.30 pm

Ready to go:

Soup of the day with bread - 2,5€

Gaspacho (seasonal) - 2,5€

Potato salad - 2,5€

Sandwiches  - cheese, ham - 3,5€

Bread, butter and a selection of cheese - 4,5€

Tortilha - 4,5€​

Hot sandwiches: cheese, ham - 4,5€

Special sandwiches - 6€

  • Monte do Álamo: roasted black pork tenderloin, bacon, lettuce, tomato, boiled egg

  • Braised vegetables and salad with a sweet and sower sauce

Roasted vegetable salad with feta - 8€

Hamburger (meat or vegetable) with fries or salad - 8€

Pre-order (you can order in the same day, in the morning):

Zucchini pie with salad - 6€

Vegetable/cheese puff pastry cakes with salad - 6€

Pasta salad with red onions, fennel and sun dried tomatoes - 6€

Chickpea salad with "bacalhau" - 6€

Braised/roasted pear salad with water cress/arugula, parmesan and nuts - 6€

Swiss chard/spinach pie with goats cheese and figs - 8€

Stuffed eggplant with salad - 8€

Mackerel in "escabeche" with salad/rice - 8€

Octopus/Tuna salad - 8€

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