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Gastronomic services

Fish and seafood cataplana
Olive bread
Lamb's leg
Sweet rice
Raspberry cheesecake

Our options


We propose for you to relax and appreciate an aperitif in the garden or terrace while enjoying the sunset. Next, dinner will be served outside, if weather permits or in the dining room in the warmth of the fireplace.


We have several options for dinner, prepared in detail. A complete and balanced meal, using fresh products of the season, whenever possible from our organic garden.


We serve breakfast with various types of bread, homemade jams from the Monte, honey from the hills, fresh and cured national cheeses, eggs, orange juice, and homemade yogurt, among others.


Throughout the day, you may have light meals or picnics to go. Dinners are served on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays with first and second course, dessert and drinks. Like a family among friends of different nationalities .


We conduct cooking classes with various culinary topics connected to the culture of the region .






Zucchini cream

Carrot cream soup with ginger

Leek soup

The traditional "Caldo Verde"

Gazpacho - Monte do Álamo style



Meat or codfish croquettes

Savoury pies

Melon or figs with cured ham

Griled cheese with herbs, olive oil and garlic


Main dishes


Codfish oven dishes

Fish soup with shrimp

Sea food "cataplana"

"Xerém" with shellfish

Octopus rice

Shrimp and vegetable curry with mango

Salt baked fish



Duck rice

Portugese "cozido"

"Migas" with pork

Roasted lamb in wood oven

Tenderloin steak roasted in wood oven

Tenderloin steak with asparagus "migas" 

Lamb stew

Free range chicken with curry

Tomato soup with bacon, eggs, sausages, fried sliced patatoes and figs (in summer)




Almond pie with custard

"Leite creme"

Sweet rice

Lemon/mango/chocolate mouse

Apple pie with ice cream

Lemon pie with merengue

Fruit crumble with ice cream

Fruit pies (pasion fruit, berries)

Coffe puding with custard and cream

Wood oven merengue with berries and cream



We have more options available. Feel free to ask.                                                                                                                                                      

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Lamb's leg

Lamb's leg baked in the wood oven